A wonderful review from a parent!

“Our therapist is wonderful!  Her work with my son has truly changed our lives.  When we made the referral to the clinic, our two-year-old was constantly crashing into furniture, people, anything he could, and he was hurting his older sisters often, throwing things at them and hitting them. We were at our wit’s end.  We felt like we weren’t able to enjoy our family anymore because of his overwhelming behavior.  His therapist immediately saw through his problem behaviors and recognized that they were due to his overwhelming sensory difficulties.  She helped us know how to help our son, giving us strategies to use at home and brainstorming new struggles with me every week, and together we watched my son become a different person.  Now, we get to see that amazing little boy shine through and we know what to watch for and how to support him.  It’s made such a difference for us. His therapist has given me back my confidence as a parent.  She is amazing, and our only disappointment is that we don’t get to see her every week anymore, since my son is doing so well!”

– D.W